How to restore preloaded Kurio content
after a factory reset

To recover your preloaded content, you will have to complete the setup while connected to WIFI
At the end of the setup, you will see the following screen.

1- Installation of all preloaded applications

If you want to install all the preloaded apps select "Download and install all available preloaded applications".
It will install automatically all the preloaded applications

2- Selection of preloaded applications to be installed

If you want to install only some of the preloaded apps, select "select the preloaded applications to download".

Then select the apps you would like to install and click on install selected.

3- Use of restore package

If the tablet is not connected to the web, you can install the preloaded applications from a recovery package which can be downloaded from
To proceed, access to "use a restore package".

A window pop-up then click "OK". Click on the blue question mark icon on the bottom-right corner.

To recover your preloaded package, you will need the following:

- A computer with USB port
- The supplied USB cable
- The reset tablet, powered on and showing the first setup page (language choice)

From your computer, download the recovery package from this page.

The file is large so this may take some time to get download. Once downloaded, please unzip the file.

This will create a folder called "recover".

Plug the tablet to the USB port of the computer using the supplied cable. The tablet should appear as a mobile device on your computer.
This mobile device contains 2 disks, one called Kurio and the other one called Kurio Shared (it may contain a 3rd disk if you are using an external SD card).

Copy the recover directory onto the Kurio. Do not nest the directory inside another existing directory.
See the below screen shot about how it should look.


Once the folder "recover" is copied into the tablet, select "use a restore package".
It will install automatically all the preloaded applications.
When installation is completed, click on "Do not restore preloads" to achieve the setup.

4- Installation of the proladed applications from Kurio Parental Area

If you do not want to install the preloaded applications at this step (or if you can't download a recovery package), select "Do not restore the preloads".

In that case, you will have to install the preloaded applications from the Kurio Parental Area in the parent/owner profile.

IMPORTANT: Before to start the update, make sure that the tablet is connected to Internet and updated with the Google Play version and the new parental V2.

When the tablet is updated and connected to Internet:

1- Access to the Kurio Parental Area.

2- Select Application and Preloaded content management

3- Select Install Preloaded Apps

NOTE: The number highlighted in orange color informs the user where there's some update to be done On this screenshot, 78 preloaded apps are available to be installed.

4- Select the apps you would like to install or click "Select all" if you want to have all apps available to be installed.

5- When the apps are selected, click "Install selected" to start the installation.

Click the green button to exit from the menu.