Frequently Asked Questions



How to connect to another device via Bluetooth®.

To get the best from your Bluetooth® connection, please refer to the recommendations shown below.
You can use your Bluetooth® connection :

  • to send messages to another Kurio Watch,
  • to send messages to an Android Smartphone or tablet using our Kurio Watch Messaging app (download free from Google Play),
  • to play 2 Player Tic Tac Toe and Battleship with another Kurio Watch,
  • as a Bluetooth® peripheral of an Android Smartphone or tablet (for example, to place or receive a call with your Kurio Watch or to listen to music through your Kurio Watch’s speaker).
How to connect my Bluetooth® headset to the watch?
Just like you connect another Kurio Watch, a Bluetooth® headset is like a classic device. You can follow the Bluetooth® connection principles listed before.
When my kid is connected in Bluetooth® to my Smartphone, he/ she can access to all my contacts, how avoid this?
By default the Smartphones are sharing the contacts with the Bluetooth® devices. To avoid any unfortunate calls, go into your smartphone Bluetooth® settings and set the sharing parameters to un-authorize the contacts sharing.
Bluetooth® TIPS
  1. 1. Important: Bluetooth® can only actively connect one device at a time. If you need to disconnect from one device (like another Kurio Watch) to connect to another device, simply shutoff the Kurio Watch and turn it back on. That will allow you to connect to a new device.
  2. Bluetooth® normally has a range of up to 33 feet.
  3. Bluetooth® connection is OFF by default to extend battery life. It is good practice to switch Bluetooth® to OFF when not using it.
  4. Any time you are having difficulties with Bluetooth®, a simple reset by turning the Kurio Watch off and back on will usually solve the problem.
How to start your Bluetooth® connection
  1. Turn Bluetooth® on.
    From the drop down menu on the Kurio Watch, touch the ‘Bluetooth® icon’ to turn it blue (when it is blue, it means that the Bluetooth® is ON).
  2. Search for nearby devices -
    Go to ‘SETTINGS’, select ‘SYSTEM’, ‘BLUETOOTH®’, and ‘MY DEVICE’. Touch ‘SCAN’, and let the unit scan for nearby devices.
    This will detect all Bluetooth® devices:
    • Within a 33 feet range.
    • Whose Bluetooth® has been turned on.
    • Which are visible to other devices.
    • Which are not already connected to other devices.
  3. Select the device you want to connect to.
  4. The devices will pair and connect, touch ‘Yes’ when the passcode shows on the screen. The device will undergo a similar process.
  5. Allow your device to connect.
  6. Once the connection has been established, you will see a small logo 0-0 near the name of the corresponding device on your Kurio Watch. Press ‘Back’ to quit the Settings menu.
  1. Your Kurio Watch shows the ‘CONNECTING’ message for a long time and does not seem to be able to connect. If the ‘CONNECTING’ message shows for more than 20 sec approx., sw.itch both devices off and try to connect again (check that Bluetooth® is switched on)
  2. Your Kurio Watch displays a ‘CONNECTION FAILED’ message. Try pairing again - if that does not work, switch both devices off and try to connect again (check that Bluetooth® is switched on).
  3. When pairing to another device, sometimes the Kurio Watch requires the other device to initiate the pairing process. In these cases, simply ask the owner of the other device to initiate the pairing / connection from his / her device.
  4. When scanning, your Kurio Watch cannot see/find the device to which you want to connect. Ensure the Bluetooth® connection on that device is turned on and that it is visible. Ensure the device is not actively connected to another device. If it is, it must first disconnect from that device before being visible and being able to connect to the Kurio Watch.
  5. Your Kurio Watch does not show up when other devices scan. Ensure the Bluetooth® connection on your Kurio Watch is on and that it visible to other devices. (You can check the status in ‘SETTINGS / SYSTEM / BLUETOOTH® / VISIBILITY’ (status must be ON)). Ensure your Kurio Watch is not actively connected to another device. If it is, it must first disconnect from that device before being visible and being able to connect to the device of your choice.


General Settings

How to set the screen time out?
Go into the SETTINGS / DISPLAY / SCREEN you can now set the screen time out from 6 sec to 60 sec.
How to set the sound of the watch?
You have 2 possibilities. First one : Swipe down to display the Option bar, you can there adjust the volume. Second one :Go into SETTINGS / SOUNDS you can now adjust the volume and even set it on Mute if you want.
How to set the luminosity?
Go into SETTINGS / DISPLAY / SCREEN you can now adjust the luminosity.


Other Questions

How to update the Kurio Watch ?
The Kurio Watch cannot be updated.
What is the size of the wristband?
The wristband length is from 13cm to 25cm circumference. There are 6 holes to adjust the Kurio Watch to your wrist.
Can I add applications/games on the Kurio Watch ?
It is not possible to add applications or games on the Kurio Watch.
Is there a pedometer included?
The Kurio watch can count your steps when you turn the Activity tracker on. You will even have funny notifications each time you reach a new objective like walking for 30 min.
Do I need internet to use the Kurio Watch?
You don't need internet to use the Kurio watch.
Do I need a smartphone to use the Kurio Watch?
You don't need a smartphone to use the Kurio watch.
Is there a GPS in the Kurio Watch?
There is no GPS in the Kurio Watch.
Can my Kurio Watch be connected to a Wifi network?
No, you can't connect your Kurio Watch to a Wifi network.
Is the Kurio Watch compatible with iPhone ?
The Kurio Watch can be connected by Bluetooth to iPhone. But the Kurio Watch Messenger App is not available for iPhones.
Can I use a SD card with my Kurio Watch?
Yes you can insert a SD card into the slot on the right side of the Kurio Watch.
Is SD Card provided with the Kurio Watch?
No it is not provided with the Kurio Watch.
I saved photos/music files from my computer onto the SD card but cannot see them on the Kurio Watch. Why ?

To save pictures and to access them from the Kurio Watch, please do the following :

  • Insert your SD card into the Kurio Watch.
  • In the settings, choose the options SYSTEM/SAVING, press Photos/videos saved on = SD Card. Exit from settings.
  • Now insert the SD card into your computer.
  • Save your pictures on the SD card in the directory labelled GALLERY.
  • Insert the SD card into the Kurio Watch.
  • In SETTINGS, choose the options SYSTEM/SAVING, press Photos/videos saved on = SD Card. Exit from settings.
  • Now you can go in the GALLERY and see your pictures.

NOTE : This is the same process if you want to save music on your SD card. Just save your music files in the directory music.

Where the pictures are saved in the watch?
By default the pictures and videos are saved into the internal memory.
How many pictures and videos can I save ?
You can save about 800 pictures or 200 videos of 10s.
How long will the battery last ?
It takes two hours and half to charge the Kurio Watch. And the discharging time is about 2 hours (if being used constantly).
I did a factory reset and lost my pre-loaded music files.
Indeed a factory reset will erase all the data saved in your device, including the pre-loaded music files.
My device is frozen.

If the device freezes, try switching off and on again.

If you cannot switch it off, please press the Reset Button.
To do so - please note that the Reset button is located on the left-hand side of the Kurio Watch, under the USB rubber cover. Once you have lifted the USB rubber cover, you will see a small hole. Insert a paper clip to in the hole, and press once to Reset.

This will automatically restart the Kurio Watch.

I have linked my Kurio Watch to an Android smartphone or tablet but cannot exchange messages. Why ?
You need to install the Kurio Watch Messenger app on your Android device in order to exchange messages between the two devices.
How many languages are available on my Kurio Watch?
2 languages: American & Spanish
Can I change I.C.E. settings?
Yes you can change them. You have to go through the settings and enter your password, you can find your password in the user manual.


Kurio Watch Messenger

The app cannot find other devices on my Android device version 6.x.
Before you start the app, connect the Android device to the Kurio Watch through the settings/Bluetooth menu of the Android device.
I cannot hear voice messages in Kurio Watch Messenger.
Make sure that the volume of the Android device is loud enough.