Frequently Asked Questions

Help screens: If you have any questions related to a screen on the Kurio Xtreme, don’t hesitate to consult the help concerning that specific screen by pressing the [?] icon at the top right corner of the screen. You can find most of the questions here directly answered on your tablet, depending on what you are looking for.
My email address doesn't work on the login page of
You may have entered a wrong email address on the login page ? You can try again.
If your email address is still not recognized by the system, then you may have made a mistake during the Kurio Phone setup : please restart your phone and redo the setup again.
I didn't received the activation code
The activation code is automatically sent a few minutes after the Kurio setup.
If you don't receive the activation code in the next 15 minutes after the setup, you can retrieve it by connecting on with your account (email and password).
Also, you may have entered a wrong email address during the setup of your phone. Please restart the Kurio phone and re-enter your email address.
Can my child remove or uninstall Kurio Genius ?
No. For obvious security reasons, the application is protected to keep it from being uninstalled “accidentally”.
How do I link a device ?
Make sure the Kurio phone has a data connection (internet access), if possible using WiFi.
Open the Kurio Genius application, choose "Log In - I have an account", and enter your login details (email and password).
Choose the child using the device or choose "new device". The child's linked phone will appear on the Parent Dashboard.
How is my child's data protected?
All of your child's personal information is encrypted and encoded with the latest security standards.
Do you collect data about my child and their smartphone and tablet use?
In order for Kurio Genius to function, we are required to collect data.
All collected information aresecured and encrypted.
Your child's personal data will remain confidential and will not be resold or distributed to third-parties.
In order to improve our service, we may analyze non-personal information.
Who can access my child's data?
Your user login and password are the only way to access information about your child's phone.
For maintenance purposes and to improve our service, our programmers sometimes need to access some information but your child's personal data remains encrypted and secure.
Do you use this data for advertising purpose?
No, Kurio Genius does not sell or rent any data to anyone.
What mobile operators is the Kurio Phone compatible with?
The Kurio Phone is compatible only with operators that can support GSM , Global System for Mobile communications
Who is responsible if my child’s mobile plan limits are exceeded, resulting in a surcharge?
You can utilize Kurio Genius's phone use settings to manage your child's phone usage. We cannot be held liable if mobile plan limits are exceeded, for any surcharges applied to your child's phone bill, or for any other payments made to third parties.
How does the Geotracking work?
The Kurio Phone is tracked using the built-in GPS chip.
The speed and accuracy of the tracking feature can vary depending on the quality of the GPS network.
GPS technology does not work inside buildings. Sometimes, the telephone can also be tracked through the mobile network and a wireless connection.
Please note that when you track a phone, a purple zone appears around the tracking point, this represents the approximate margin of error or accuracy of the position.
What is I.C.E.?
In Case of Emergency: Wikipedia
Can I block the Internet when my child has access to Wi-Fi?
Yes you can. Kurio Genius works no matter how the device connects to the web (WI-FI, 3G, 4G, EDGE…)
Can my child contact me when their phone is blocked by Kurio Genius?
Your child can call and text all Primary Contacts ANYTIME no matter what type of settings you apply.
You can choose up to 5 Primary Contacts. The parent who creates the account is a Primary Contact by default.
I deleted one (or several) of my preloaded applications by mistake. How can I install it again? How can I download new applications for free?
On you Kurio Phone you can use an application named “ApplicationManagement” in order to download and install any missing application by selecting “Install Preloaded Apps”.
In “ApplicationManagement” you can download new content provided by Kurio in “Install new Apps” section. You can also download new applications from Google Play Store.
My microSD card is not recognized when I plug it on my Kurio Phone.
If you plugged the microSD Card while your Kurio Phone was turned on, it will not be recognize. Please reboot or insert your microSD card when the Kurio Phone is turned off.
How do I send a SMS with my Kurio Phone?
Kurio Phone is working with Android 4.2.2 jelly bean, SMS will use Hangout by default. If you want to send SMS you need to be connected to a google account.
What do I need to Setup my Kurio Phone when I launch it for the first time?
During your first launch, you will have to setup the Kurio Genius (parental control application). This application is using online servers to synchronize information (you can remotely control the Kurio Phone). To be able to proceed the setup you need an internet connection (Wifi or 3G). You will also need a valid e-mail address as well to validate the account creation.
How can I remotely manage the Kurio Phone?
You can connect with the password created during the Kurio Genius setup to this web address:
How do I setup Wi-Fi?
You have two ways to access Wi-Fi parameters:
- From your applications. Simply touch the button on the bottom-middle of the main screen of Android (...) and select “Settings”. Then choose “Wi-Fi”.
- Slide down the top bar of your Kurio Phone. A menu should appear. Touch the top-right button and hold your finger on the Wi-Fi option.

If Wi-Fi is turned off, turn it on. The available hotspots will show. Tap on the Wi-Fi Network you wish to connect to and enter the password if required. Validate, and it's done.
My changes from Genius have not taken effect. What should I do?
Modifications done on the website can take about 15 minutes to synchronize.
How do I change my child's settings?
To change your child's settings, choose Kurio Genius from Android main menu. Select the little gear in the right-top corner, then “Parental settings”. Choose what you prefer to access to child settings.
“Log in” option will ask you to enter your mail and password. “Parent PIN” will ask you your PIN code, you can find it by following this link, log on and select “My Account” on the top.
How do I restrict calls, SMS or applications?
First, access to child settings. See “How do I change child settings?” for more information.:
- To limit call time or SMS’ number, choose “Phone Use”.
- To restrict calls, SMS or applications only specifics days/hours, choose “Calendar”.
- To restrict or block some applications, choose “Applications”. If you restrict an application, it will depend on the calendar.
How do I setup restrictive contacts list?
First, access to child settings. See “How do I change child settings?” for more information. Then, choose “Contacts”. Click on “Activated”.
You can create a "blacklist" by selecting "blocked", the contacts listed will be on the black list and you child won’t be able to accept voice calls or SMS from these numbers. If it’s on “Allowed”, it will be a whitelist and your child will only be able to send messages and call these numbers.
I am having an issue with one of the apps I downloaded or have preloaded on my Kurio Phone. How do I get help?
For all 3rd party apps, please contact the app developer. There is usually a help button in the app itself, or you can ask for support through their website.
What is included in the box?
In the box you will find:
- Kurio Phone
- USB Power adapter
- USB cable
- Headphones
- Battery
- Quick start guide
Geofencing is not working. How can I make it work?
For Geofencing to work, you have to activate it, either from your Kurio Phone in the Kurio Genius Settings / Geofencing or from the website in the Geofencing section. Press the button “Activated” and define a zone to be allowed or forbidden for your child.
How to configure a child profile for the Kurio Phone?
- If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it directly on the Kurio Phone at first launch. Once you have signed-up, the setup will ask you to create and configure a child profile.
- If you already have an account, you can configure a child profile from the website. To do so, connect to your account on and fill the required information to configure your child profile. Then you can do the setup of your Kurio Phone: log-in to your account and select the child profile you created on the website.
WARNING: If you create a child profile on the website after you have passed the setup on the Kurio Phone, the child profile cannot be synchronized to it. If you want to go back to the beginning of the setup, you will have to do a factory reset from the Kurio Phone’s Android settings.
How do I manage Internet Access?
From Kurio Genius Settings, go to the Internet section. From there, you can choose the filter you prefer for your child.
From the website ( you can define specific websites to allow or to block.