How to restore preloaded Kurio content
after a factory reset

To recover your preloaded apps and content that came with your Kurio S Series device, you will need the following:

  • A computer with USB port
  • The USB to MicroUSB cable that came with your Kurio S Series device
  • The factory reset Kurio device, which should be turned on and show the first step of the initial setup – Choose your language.

PART 1 – Update your Kurio to the Latest Version

Follow the steps onscreen to complete initial setup:

  • Choose your language
  • Select your Wi-Fi Network
  • Confirm date & time settings
  • Select Normal Mode
  • Start Kurio Parental Account Setup – enter your Parental Email and Password
  • Parental Account Setup is now complete!

When Kurio prompts you to Create a Kurio User Profile, SKIP this step by pressing the Later button, and then the Confirm button.

Press the Done button to enter the Owner Profile. Once you are in the Owner Profile, press the All Apps Icon.

Click on the Update App, and then press Online Update. Then, press Download to begin downloading the update.

Once downloaded, press the Update Now button and then Update to begin the update. Kurio will automatically reboot after updating.

PART 2 – Download and Install the Recovery Package

From your computer, download the recovery package from
this page.

The file is very large, so it may take awhile to download the ZIP file. Once downloaded, please unzip the file.

This will create a folder called "recover."

Plug your Kurio device into the USB port of your computer using the supplied cable. The Kurio should appear as a portable device on your computer. Double click on this device to open it. This portable device contains 2 drives, one called Kurio SDCard and the other one called Shared.
***To note, your Kurio may contain a 3rd drive if you are using an external SD card.

Open the KurioSDCard drive and copy the 'recover' folder to it. Please make sure you do not put it in one of the existing folders by mistake. Please see the below screen shots for reference.

Once the folder is copied to your Kurio, power off the device by pressing the Power button until a pop up window appears. Press Power Off, and then OK to turn off the device.

Press the Power button to restart the tablet. The boot up screen will appear and then Kurio will automatically reinstall all of the preloaded apps.

As there are dozens of apps to reinstall, this process will take some time (approximately 30 to 40 minutes). We recommend plugging your Kurio device into a power source (via wall charger or via USB) during the reinstall procedure to avoid draining the battery.

Once Kurio reinstalls all the preloaded content, you will enter the Owner Profile again.

Congratulations – Kurio is now fully restored and all your preloaded apps will be available!

Once the recovery process is complete, connect Kurio to your computer again via the USB cable and delete the 'recover' folder from your Kurio's memory. We recommend that you keep a copy of this folder on your computer or external drive in case you need to recover them again.

• All files contained in the 'recover' folder are encrypted and can only be installed on your Kurio through this recovery procedure. Do not try to install them on another device or try to manually install them.
• If for any reason this recovery procedure did not work, you have likely downloaded the incorrect preloaded app pack. Please delete the ‘recover’ folder from your Kurio,, download the other app pack, run the procedure again.

RECOVER UNINSTALLED APPS: If you wish to reinstall some preloaded apps that have been accidentally uninstalled, you can follow the same recovery procedure above, but DO NOT factory reset the device. After copying the 'recover' folder to your Kurio, and then powering it off and on again, the system will only reinstall the missing apps.