Looking to update your Kurio 7? Please click here.

A new update is available

Good news – A new update is available via OTA (Over The Air) on your Kurio device!

What's new?

- Video streaming improvement.
- System stability improvement.
- Minor bugs fixes.

To receive the latest upgrades, check and make sure that your Kurio's Wi-Fi is on and you have a strong wireless signal. If needed, stay close to your Wi-Fi hotspot while running the update.

1. Open the Parental Account, click on the All Apps icon, and press the Update app to open it.
2. Press on the Online Update button.
3. Press the Download button.
4. Once downloaded, press the Update Now button and then Update to begin the update.
5. Kurio will automatically reboot after updating.

You can also download the update to your computer and install it manually.

Please enter the serial code of your Kurio and press download.