Restore preloaded content after a factory reset

To recover your preloaded package, you will need the following:

- A computer with USB port
- The supplied USB cable
- The reset tablet, powered on and showing the first setup page (language choice).

From your computer, download the recovery package from this page.

The file is big so this may take some time to get it. Once downloaded, please unzip the file.

This will create a directory called "recover".

Plug the tablet to the USB port of the computer using the supplied cable. The tablet should appear as a mobile device on your computer. This mobile device contains 2 disks, one called Kurio SD card and the other one called Shared (it may contain a 3rd disk if you are using an external SD card).

Copy the recover directory onto the Kurio SD card. Do not nest the directory inside another existing directory. See the below screen shot about how it should look.

Once done, power off the tablet by pressing the Power off button until a pop up window appears. Press Power off then confirm.

Start the tablet again. The unit will then automatically install the preloads to your tablet.

This process will take some time (30 to 40 minutes). It is recommended to plug the tablet to the mains during this procedure to avoid draining the battery too much.

Once it is completed, you will see the setup screen again. Redo the initial setup procedure the same way you did it once first used.

Kurio is now fully restored.

Once everything is completed, plug the tablet to the computer again and delete the recover directory from the tablet memory. It is recommended that you keep a copy of this directory on your computer or a Udisk to avoid downloading it again if further needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the application installable files contained in the recover folder are encrypted and can only installed on your Kurio through this recovery procedure. Do not try to install them on another device or try to manually install them.

If you wish to reinstall some preloads that have been accidentally uninstall, you can do the same procedure (without resetting the device). After the reset, the system will reinstall only the missing apps.