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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the box?
In the box you will find: Kurio 7" tablet + Drop-safe bumper + Power adapter + USB cable + USB adapter.
How do I setup Wi-Fi?
Press on the Wi-Fi icon located on the left bottom corner and select the hotspot you want to use. A password may be required.
Can I setup more than one user account?
Yes, you can set up to 8 profiles with Kurio.
What can I do if I have forgotten my password to access the Parental area?
A hint question was required when you created the account. Ensure you choose a personal question with an answer you cannot forget and your children do not know.
Can I play Flash videos on the Internet?
Yes Kurio is compatible with Flash 11.1 and older versions.
How does the content filtering work so my child can safely surf the web?
Your Kurio comes with a fully customizable web content filtering system, providing the most secure solution for each member of your family to surf the web safely. Provided by CronLab, over 450 million websites in 170 languages are indexed and categorized daily as appropriate or inappropriate content for your child, and more are added every day through auto-updates to keep your protection detailed and up to date. When a site is determined to be 'naughty' or 'inappropriate', it is automatically blocked.

You can customize the content filtering software by selecting one of the predefined profiles according to age, or you can specifically determine which categories to allow or block by selecting Custom Filter. You can also create safe lists and block lists that scan simultaneously with the content filtering software to further tailor your child's Internet experience!

Please note that our filtering software is amongst the strongest systems available, but, as with any system, it cannot filter 100% of websites so adult supervision is still recommended.
What's different about the new Kurio Store?
The new Kurio Store is simpler to use, and we also give you more options to download hit apps for your Kurio! You can use the new Kurio Store to download more family-friendly apps curated by the Kurio Team as well as install other app stores to gain even more access to varied content for a wide range of interests and ages.

Alternate stores can be installed by pressing the "Download New Store" button, which links you to other stores and instructions how to install them. Once one or more stores are installed, the "Other Stores" button will bring up a list to access them. Please note that other app stores are not curated and managed by the Kurio Team, so please check that any apps downloaded are age-appropriate for your child.
How can I create an account on the Kurio Store?
In this new version of SlideME market v5.05, you will need to login with your SlideME username before accessing the Market. If you have already registered a username with SlideME before, simply login to your existing username and password. If not, click on "Register" to apply for a new account. In addition, you can choose to "Login using Facebook" if you have a Facebook account.

After clicked on "Register", you will be asked to type in your email address. Once it is done, hit the "Normal registration" button to enables the full SlideME experience.

Under the Personal Information column, fill in all necessary information required. Make sure you use a username that you will remember. Click on All Done once finished. You will then login to SlideME with this new account.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If for any reason you have done the "Quick registration" (which will only allow you to browse Apps) and would like to download an App afterwards, you will be prompted to fill in your Personal information. The system will automatically assign the username to "fastreg_XXXX". Please make sure you change the username from "fastreg_XXXX" to a unique one (For example "timhughes05"). If not, your registration will not go through.

What can I do if there is not enough memory on the system to install updates or install more apps?
Please go to the Parental Area and press "Back to Android". Then, press on the Settings icon. Go to Applications. Browse the installed apps (Downloaded tab), check some apps and select "move to SD Card" if the option is available. It will then move the application to the internal storage of the tablet and free some system space. If the option is not selectable, it means that the selected app cannot be moved to the internal SD card.

Please note that this does not apply to the preinstalled apps.

Please also note that you don't need an external physical microSD Card to do that operation. In fact, your apps will be moved from the system memory to the internal SD Card memory of the tablet (storage memory).
Does this tablet have e-ink?
No, Kurio has a TFT capacitive touch screen.
Is there lighting?
Yes, Kurio is built with a backlighted TFT screen.
Is there a motion sensor in Kurio?
Yes, there is a built-in 3D G-sensor in Kurio.
Does the tablet use a resistive touch screen or a capacitive touch screen?
Capacitive multi-touch screen.
What kind of processor is in Kurio?
Allwinner Cortex A8 1.2GHz.
Can I download the Amazon App Store to my Kurio?

Yes, you can download even more apps through the Amazon App Store!

From your PC: Please use the following link to download:
Save the APK file on your computer.
On your tablet, go to the parental area and press the Android button to exit kurio interface.
Plug the USB cable to your computer.
Once the Kurio drive appears on your computer, copy the APK file on it (at the root of the drive).
On Kurio, deactivate the USB storage, press the HOME key and open the file manager. Locate the APK file and press on it to start the installation. Once done, press open to start the program.

From the tablet, click the link above, then press the download now key. The download will then start. You can see the download status by pressing on the bottm right of the Android bar.
Once downloaded, exit Kurio Interface to go back to Android, then press the Application button at the top right of the home screen, and press on the Downloads app. It will display the downloaded items, press on the downloaded APK to start the installation.

Is there an HDMI connection?
Yes, it has a Mini HDMI port.
Can you open Office files (such as Word and Excel)?
There is no default program to open Office files, but several Office file viewers are available for download.
Does Kurio support Adobe DRM?
Aldiko is the installed default program. Aldiko allows to view books that use Adobe DRM.
Note: purchased, protected books must be originally downloaded using 'Adobe Digital Editions'.
For this instruction, people can visit: Adobe Digital Editions
Can I increase the storage capacity?
Yes, you can increase the storage capacity up to 32Gb with a Micro SD card.
Is it possible to extend the internal memory?
No, but you can increase the memory by inserting a MicroSD Card, connecting a USB drive, or connecting an external hard drive to your Kurio.
How can I update the Kurio tablet?
You will be informed if a new version is available. You can can check which version is installed in Settings > About Kurio.
How can I reset to factory settings?

In order to reset to factory settings, please follow these instructions :

- Power off machine.
- Hold down + first and then POWER for about 10 seconds, release both buttons once Kurio screen loads .
- When you get the open Android picture, press + to enter menu, use - to move down to "wipe data / factory reset" and press POWER again to choose.
- Next press - to choose "YES" and press POWER to start reset.
- Check for yellow text Formatting /data, formatting cache, Data wipe complete.
- Choose reboot system now and press POWER to complete process.

NOTE: This will erase data from your Kurio's internal storage such as Accounts, System settings and Downloaded apps. But music, pictures, and other user data won't be erased. Check "Erase SD card" if you want to clear all the data of the system.

It is also possible to reset only the Kurio Interface: Go to Parental area > Tablet Setup> Press "Reset the Interface to Factory Default Settings". 

Once this has been done you will need to set the device up and perform all the updates, instructions for this are on this page.

Please feel free to contact Kurio Technical Support on our support page.

How do I add an app from Kurio Interface?
Press on an empty icon and hold for 2 seconds. Select the app you want to add. The Kurio screen layout must be unlocked. Check it in the App settings of the Parental area.

For a demo of how to manage your apps on Kurio, check out our "App Management" video in the How To Videos section on top of this page.
How do I remove an app from the Kurio Interface?
Press and hold the icon you want to remove for 2 seconds. Confirm with green tick. The Kurio layout must be unlocked. Check it in the App settings of the Parental area.

For a demo of how to manage your apps on Kurio, check out our "App Management" video in the How To Videos section on top of this page.
What happens if I download a paid App and then delete it?
You can re-install any app as many times as you want as long as you use the same account.
How do I uninstall Apps?
To uninstall and manage apps, go in the Android interface > Settings > Apps.
What type of email accounts are supported by the email client?
Kurio is compatible with the most popular online email clients (for example Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, ...). You can set any email account you wish to, as long as you have the relevant POP/IMAP data. Please contact your Internet/email provider for this information.
How do I contact tech support?
Please go to the "Support" section and click on the "Contact" link of your device.
How big is the Kurio tablet? How much does it weigh?
Kurio 7's dimensions are: 7.67" x 4.85" x 0.50"
The weight of the tablet is: 12.5 oz (without bumper), 20 oz (with bumper)
Can you charge your Kurio via the USB port?
Yes, you can use the USB Cable to transfer files as well as charge through your PC. There is also a setting within the Parental Area where you can turn off the ability to transfer files and just use the USB Cable to charge your Kurio.
How is the Kurio Store curated?
The Kurio team carefully reviews all Android apps to ensure they are family-friendly and kid-safe, adding them as they are approved for the marketplace.
Is it possible to port your children's e-books from Barnes & Noble or Amazon Kindle to the Kurio? If so, is Aldiko the only way to read them?
Aldiko Premium is our preferred E-reader preloaded with Kurio, but other E-readers are available to download in our Kurio Store to suit your preferences to use on your Kurio.

Yes, you can port these e-books to your Kurio, and you would access them through the E-Reader app.
Any E-books purchased through Amazon can be accessed on your Kurio though the Kindle app.
Can I download Netflix onto my Kurio?
Yes, Netflix can run on Kurio. Although the Netflix is not available in the Kurio Store, the Netflix app can be downloaded from either the Amazon App Store or the 1Mobile market and installed on the Kurio.
Are accessories, such as bumpers in other colors, available for Kurio?
Yes! We have official Kurio accessories available for sale now, and will be introducing more fun accessories for your Kurio soon.
Can I download Skype on my Kurio?
You can download Skype app from our Kurio Store. The App will ask you to enable video calling the first time you enter Skype. If it doesn't, go into the settings and enable it there. On the main Skype screen, you will not see a Video Calling button, but if you click on the Contacts button, and then click on a contact you will see options for Voice Call, Video Call, Send IM and Send File.
Where are the apps I downloaded from the Kurio Store/other stores? Why don't I see them in my profile?
By default, all apps downloaded to Kurio are not automatically visible in a Kurio User Profile, so you can decide which apps are appropriate for your children. To get the apps that you have downloaded to show up on a Kurio User Profile, please follow the steps below:
  • Go to Parental Area
  • Select Profile
  • Choose the profile you would like to change
  • Select applications
  • Select screen layout
  • Scroll down your downloaded apps and drag them over to the empty spots on the right side of the screen.
Does the clock setting automatically adjust itself when Daylight Savings Time changes on the Kurio 7?
Yes! If you set Kurio to your local time zone, Kurio will recognize the need to change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time and vice versa.
Can I use the same app account to put apps on multiple Kurios or do I have to make separate accounts and buy the same app for each Kurio?
You can register one SlideMe Kurio Store account, purchase apps, and then download them to multiple tablets without having to buy them twice (max of 5 devices in total).


My tablet shuts itself off while showing a charge over 5% or does not fully charge
How to reset to the battery level icon:

1. Begin to charge your unit by plugging in your home charger or USB cable connected to computer. Let your Kurio charge for several minutes before moving to step 2.

2. Turn on the tablet by pressing the Power key. If successfully switched on, Move to Step 3, if your Kurio will not turn on please contact our Tech support team.

3. Once the tablet is turned on and has successfully passed the loading screen, press and hold onto the Power key for 30 seconds. Release the Power button when the battery charging animation appears.

4. Press the Power key to start the tablet.

5. Modify to the correct Date and Time in the tablet's settings. To do this in the Kurio interface, access via Tablet Setup > System Settings > Date & Time.

The battery level icon should now show the correct value after the reset.

My Kurio is stuck at the loading screen
Please follow the directions below to recover your device:

1. Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds to force the device to power down.

2. With the power completely off, press and hold the volume up "+" button.

3. With the Vol. "+" button still held, press the power button to turn on your device.

4. Once the device powers on, you may release the power button. You will then boot into a Recovery screen. You may need to press the Vol. "+" button to get the options to appear.

5. Using the Volume "-" button to navigate, please highlight and select (using the power button) "wipe data/factory reset".

6. From there, you will need to select the "YES" option.

7. Once complete, please select "reboot now".

No display on the screen
Kurio may be in Standby mode. Press the Power button once.
Kurio may be switched off. Press the Power button for at least 3 seconds.
The battery may be too low. Charge the device.
The touch screen is not responding well
Remove the original protective film from the screen.
Try restarting Kurio.
Try to reset by simultaneously pressing on VOL+ and Power buttons for at least 5 seconds.
No sound
Check the volume level. Make sure the speaker is not covered.
If using a headset, remove it and plug it in again.
The screen doesn't rotate when I turn the device
The option may be unavailable in the app you are using.
The Auto-rotate screen function may be deactivated. Activate it in System Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen.
No Internet access on web browser
Check that the Wi-Fi connection is enabled.
Check your Wi-Fi router/modem is working as expected.
Check that access is allowed (Safe browser settings).
Certain type of Wi-Fi hotspots (airports, restaurants, public areas) may be blocked for safety reasons.
Try another browser.
"Service unavailable" is displayed on the Safe Browser
Internet browsing can be blocked if the tablet's date is different than the Safe Browser's date. Data are sent and received from/to the Safe Browser to the security server (including the date). Check the date in System Settings.
I can't receive/send emails
Make sure you have added your email account. Go in Android settings > Add account. Check if the Wi-Fi connection is ON.
I can't transfer data from external storage to Kurio
You can use Micro SD Card, USB flash drive or USB hard drive to transfer files to Kurio.
USB to Mini USB adapter (provided) may be required.
Use the File Manager to transfer data.
By default, the File Manager is not available on the Kurio interface. You can make it available in the Applications settings of the Parental area.
I can't read PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint files
PDF files can be opened with Aldiko application. There is no preloaded viewers for Word, Excel or Powerpoint files. You can find viewers in the Kurio Store.
I can't read my e-book file
Kurio can read PDF and ePub files. Other formats are not supported.
I can't go to the Android Interface
When you are in Kurio Interface, Exit the profile > Go in Parental Area > Android. Read the Kurio7 manual for more details. All parental controls are disabled in Android Interface.
I can't go to Kurio Interface once I am on Android Interface
Press on Kurio icon to reach the Kurio Interface with parental control system. All parental controls are disabled in Android Interface.